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White Space is Your Friend

Nov 25, 2023

The most amazing thing happened on Thanksgiving morning this year. It's like the whole world kept sleeping when I got up. It was quiet, perfectly still. As I dove into my usual morning routine with coffee, Scripture and journal it was like the lights turned on in my mind and heart -- a sudden flow of inspiration and ideas. Thoughts that had been tangled up for months just unraveled and practically organized themselves on my pages. I can't even explain the peace and clarity that followed. 

I wish every day could have those moments. But most days are jammed up with meetings, tasks, responsibilities, decisions, know the drill. 

However, this incident got me thinking - what if it's just a white space thing? What if those ideas and that clarity are always there, lurking below the surface, waiting for the room to emerge? 

They say, "life is lived in the margins." I think that means it's the white space in our lives where we really feel, experience and live. 

If that's true, I need to schedule a lot more white space. 

How about you? 

How is your coming week shaping up? Could you intentionally put more "margin" in your schedule?

Here are a few tips that might help as you consider your own rhythms:

1. Start with your personal life. Could you block out an hour a day when you're at your best to connect with God, review the most important goals and plans in your life, and give yourself a moment to breathe, think, dream and reset? 

2. Schedule your family time. Don't let your family suffer at the hands of your schedule. Putting your family before your work will be the best investment you could ever make. What daily connection time can you plan and protect? What specific ways can you build your relationships with your loved ones each day?

3. Check your meeting load. If you've got any particularly busy days coming, could you make sure to add breaks in-between meetings to clear your mind and heart, get your spirit reset and make sure you're at your best for the next thing?

4. What about serving? When do you freely give of yourself for the betterment of your community? The stats are irrefutable - serving enhances our quality of life. Do you have a time every week where you serve others? If not, how could you get started? Surprisingly, this might just be the way God shows up to renew your life beyond your imagination. 

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