Sticky Faith in a Slippery World

This short book is for people who are spiritually curious, hungry for significance, and who long for a life that brings more than disappointment and regret. Those are the kinds of people Jesus was drawn to, and He still is. Whether you’re starting, re-starting or fine-tuning your faith journey, you’ll benefit from the energy you invest in this pursuit. You’ll have more peace, feel stronger, gain purpose in your life, and better understand how to make your unique mark on the world.




Hope for Stuck Churches

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Hope for Stuck Churches will inspire and equip leaders who want to bring health, growth, and lasting impact in their churches. This brief book will share the story of our church’s dramatic transition from a small, plateaued church to a vibrant, growing multi-site community of faith. You’ll see up-close-and-personal how we handled the changing of senior leadership, our church name, bylaws, music & teaching styles, ministry philosophy, staffing size and structure, and even locations, all while continuing to grow in size. We’ll share our quirks, failures and mistakes as well as the core convictions and principles we’ve discovered for effective, enduring ministry.


As the pastor of a church that was once very stuck, I read Gabe’s book with great interest. He is honest, transparent and filled with hope as he walks you through the struggle of transitioning an old church into a new day.

The unique setting of Gabe taking over this church from his father-in-law’s leadership, provides a special lens into the story. Every lead pastor who is nearing the end of their time of service, needs to read this book.

The dynamic played out between Ken and Gabe, and the principles outlined, give a clear pathway for transitioning to a new generation of leaders with great honor and respect for those who’ve previously paid the price. I highly recommend this book.

Donald Ross
Author, “Turnaround Pastor”