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Everybody Needs a Coach

Coaching  has been a big part of my life over the past few years.  I’ve had the privilege to spend time in coaching with Nelson Searcy, psychotherapist Steve Stroope, Larry Osborne, and lots of other great leaders that have helped me take next steps and grow to the next level.  I’m committed to returning what I learn by teaching others.


My Network – Basic Info

That’s why Each year I lead Coaching Networks for pastors and church leaders, focused on growth transitions and change efforts.

My live 6-month networks are groups of 10-12 pastors who meet one day per month at Westside Community Church for 6 hours of training & networking.


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Coaching Network Reviews…

Simply put, coaching networks have re-shaped my ministry. I’ve been strengthened in areas where I was weak and struggling, as well as challenged in places where I thought I was already strong. The opportunity to be around other leaders who are in the trenches week in and week out is of great benefit.

We all need to be encouraged . . . and quite frankly to have our “courage tanks” filled by brothers who know what we’re going through. 

My time in Gabe’s networks have been a rich and much needed blessing. I cannot recommend them highly enough. This is an investment that’s well worth your time . . . and will produce immediate benefits.

-Dustin Hall, Kennewick Baptist Church, Kennewick WA


The single greatest asset to me, my family, and my ministry over the last three years has been being involved in a coaching network.  It started with a bit of skepticism.  But sitting in a room of guys struggling to balance this incredible call and sharing honestly about the variety of its challenges – encouraged me, humbled me, and continues to refresh my spirit and God’s vision for His church.  

-Jon Fredericks, Discovery Community Church, Tacoma WA


In preparation for the starting of our new church “Iglesia Multicultural” I attended Gabe’s network for the past two seasons. Gabe is a great down to earth mentor who is willing to boldly share with you the reality of doing ministry and challenge you to the core. One of my greatest experiences has been to sit down with other pastors in the region and listen to them as they shared their experiences and challenges, also to hear them implement their learnings from Gabe’s coaching in their own churches and celebrate the results. Iglesia Multicultural is on its way to become a solid established Latino church. Every Sunday I find myself applying at least one or two of the principles I learned from Gabe. I’ll see you at the next network. 

-Max Calderon, Iglesia Multicultural, Beaverton OR


Let’s be honest.  If you want to lead a growing church, you have to make sure you keep growing.  You have to reinvent yourself.  Gabe provides just the right balance of encouragement, practical help, and accountability to keep you growing and help your church impact your community!

-Brian King, Harvest Community Church, Eugene OR


Coaching networks have challenged me to look beyond my normal routines. I have been challenged by Gabe as well as the others who are part of the network and have become a better leader and better pastor because of it.

-Keith Evans, Greater Gresham Baptist Church, Gresham OR


The time I spent with Gabe in the coaching network was invaluable, so much so that it is impossible to list all the positive impacts on my ministry and my life.  Three things, however, stand out.  First, I was challenged with ideas that were outside of my normal experiences.  It is easy to get comfortable in a long term pastorate, Gabe challenged me on that.  Second, I was exposed to books, resources, and people who I would not other wise know about.  Finally, Gabe shared practical experience in his own context that was an encouragement that organizational change is possible within the dynamics of an already established church with its own history and culture.

-Jamie Greening, Port Orchard, WA


I’m very thankful for my time I was in Gabe’s coaching group. I learned so many principles on how a healthy, growing, and well structure church should look like. All these principles have help me to plant a new Hispanic church that is reaching out the community and establish a working leadership structure.

-Boris Alfaro, CCRenuevo, Salem OR


It’s easy, but dangerous, to pastor “on an island.” Participating in a coaching network filled my pastor bucket with valuable insights, and introduced me to some other pastors with whom I can share the journey.

-Shane Fookes, Westport Church, Hillsboro OR


I have attended many conferences, read many books and articles, and watched many videos about church growth and health. The difference between that and coaching is the personal touch. Through coaching networks you get to interact with someone who has “been there-done that”. You can ask questions and share thoughts with other pastors going through the same thing you are. I can’t wait for the next round!

-Mark Evans, Catalyst Community Church, Oregon City OR