Why I Let People Read My Journal

A couple weeks ago I had an idea that I thought was worth pursuing. This year I was looking for a way to help people really connect with the meaning of Christmas in a new way, search and I wanted to somehow engage them in the story as we ramped up. I thought about writing a devotional to give out ahead of time but my frustration with that is, you never know if people will use it or not.

So instead I decided to invite our church to have devotions with me every day the week leading up to Christmas. Since I couldn’t fit everyone in my living room I chose to just share my own devotional journaling without church each morning. What happened as a result was a little bit of a surprise to me.

I started getting a lot of encouraging feedback from the people going through the devotional challenge with me. Somehow this really simple stuff was helping people. Specifically, I heard that this was both an educational and uplifting experience. The uplifting part I expected, but the educational part I did not. Part of what I realized in this is that, unless someone has shown you what it looks like to interact with Scripture, it’s a foreign concept. And it’s intimidating. No wonder this habit it a little daunting.

My big takeaway from the whole experiment is this: people will go the way if they know the way. I think we give people way too little credit for being willing. Where the disconnect happens is not necessarily with heart; it’s with know-how. So I’m on a journey to figure out how to de-mystify as many aspects of following Jesus as possible. Isn’t that what spiritual leadership is all about? There’s no question, Jesus came to make a relationship to God accessible to absolutely everyone. And He’s left the completion of that task in our hands. 

That’s why I let people read my journal. 

What about you? What small step could you take to help someone else know the way? If you’ll do it, I’m pretty sure your impact is going to increase.

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