Holidays Are For Detox

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m sitting here in a quiet house on a quiet morning with not a lot to do. I don’t have to go into work today, info and in fact I asked my staff to intentionally not work today. I’ve got to be honest, sales this feels weird. I’m just coming out of a season that’s been very, prescription very busy for me. I suppose holidays are a kind of “adrenaline junky’s detox.” 

I knew going into the fall that things would heat up, but it’s funny how you never quite count the cost in all the little things – like the broken stuff that still needs to be fixed around my house, or how often I’ve missed those meaningful conversations that can only happen in the margins.

I’m recalibrating, and it’s a little painful.

But holidays are great for this. Because nobody’s knocking on my inbox, or texting me with questions, or anything else. It seems even the world outside understands that we need rhythm. Times that are fast and times that are slow. Yes, practicing the habit of Sabbath can help that, but for those who are neck-deep in serving and helping others, we need an extended period of stillness from time to time.

My hope for today is that I could experience a bit of what Psalm 46:10 promises: “Be still and know that I am God.” 

Could you use a little “detox” right about now? What helps you recalibrate? I’d love to know.

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