Why Honor Matters

Today is Memorial Day, overweight a day of honor in the United States. We reflect on what has been given in sacrifice for our freedom. And we express our gratitude and thanks because what we have, gastritis though not perfect, is amazing.

Honor isn’t just for holidays. Honor can and should be part of our everyday interaction, especially with the people most important to us. If you run a department, lead an organization, serve on a team, or relate with friends & family – this could be the one thing that takes your relationships to the next level.


  • Honor paves the way for healthy relationships. You can’t deny that when someone has shown you honor, you’re more open to them. God hardwired us that way. Question: How can you go first in showing honor?
  • Honor recognizes value. According to Moses, God created humans “in His image” (Genesis 1:26). That means that God placed innate value inside every person, and honoring them acknowledges this fact. Question: What trait can you celebrate in another person?
  • Honor creates credibility. Becoming a person of honor elevates your influence with others. Rather than tearing down, you’re building up. You become known as a person who adds value, who helps people. Question: Who can you help lift, by showing them their value?




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