3 Tips to End the Year Strong

The next few days hold enormous potential in your life, and I want to share 3 vital tips to make sure 2017 goes down in history as an extraordinary year in your life. They say, “All’s well that ends well,” and I believe that’s true. How you end this year will determine the strength of the next, so let’s make the most of these last hours of this year.

Here are 3 tips that have helped me tremendously in my own life:

1. Carve out some time to reflect. Even 1 hour spent well at the end of the year can help you start 2018 out right. Find some time to get alone and think deeply about how you’d like to move forward. These 3 questions have helped me get clear and get moving: (1) What’s HOT? What would you like to continue? (2) What’s NOT? What would you like to change? (3) What’s NEXT? What are you going to prioritize in 2018?

2. Decide to be generous. If you want to do something significant for the Kingdom of God this year, consider making a year-end gift to your church. With the upcoming changes in tax law, there is no time like the present. If you’ve been blessed, you can be a blessing in return. This is a pivotal time for many ministries, and your generosity can help more than you know. 

3. Clear up any unresolved conflict. You have just a few more days to end 2017 without a grudge. After all, what really matters? Consider apologizing, forgiving, and encouraging those you love.

Personally, I’m really excited to start a new year, and I have high hopes for you as well. Let’s be committed to taking our next right steps and reaching our potential in the year to come.

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